About Us

Damansara PMC Services Sdn Bhd (DPMC) is a Malaysian-based service provider specializing in the design and production of medical electronics systems.

They offer custom services to create unique solutions for clients, enabling them to reduce cost and time while still achieving exceptional product quality.

Their products are designed with industry-leading standards in mind, ensuring that each device meets rigorous safety requirements as well as accuracy and reliability specifications.

DPMC also provides technical support throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects, helping customers maximize their return on investment over the long term.

Why Us?

Certified, qualified, resourceful & dedicated technical staff

More Than 25 years of healthcare experiences

Strategic Partners in medical devices supplies and distributions

Collective Expertise in Medical Devices Maintenance Services

Holistic Solutions for Medical Devices

Providing training and competency development specializing in medical devices

Data Security for medical Devices

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